How would looking like Cher for the day help CLIC Sargent you ask? Find out in the feature below.

  • Monday 20 May – Another airport test – this time with language as a slight barrier to choice! There were two plastic containers to put all my spare euro change into. One was all in German, so I had literally no way of knowing what I’d be putting my money towards – even the imagery was of no help to decipher, so the choice was easy in the end. The winning charity was the Austrian animal protection association (please note, you may need to translate  the page.)
  • Tuesday 21 May – Continued working with the Professionals and have been put forward to use my skill set to help a local refugee charity.
  • Wednesday 22 May – Enjoyed looking like Cher for Wig Wednesday in aid of CLIC SargentSee feature below.
  • Thursday 23 May – Started a conversation via Twitter with Oxjam about being involved (loving that through My Charity Case they approached me.)
  • Friday 24 May – Donated online to SSAFA.
  • Saturday 25 May – Bought a raffle ticket for WESC Foundation – in with a chance of winning a Mercedes (fingers crossed!)
  • Sunday 26 May – Bought a snazzy re-branded t-shirt in preparation for the Race for Life.

Feature – Wednesday 22 May

Not too dissimilar to my activity back in week 14 where I wore it loud for a local deaf charity, on this otherwise normal Wednesday, I decided to don a black mane for CLIC Sargent. I did so in the knowledge that in many cases, with cancer comes chemo. With chemo comes hair loss, and for many the necessity to wear a wig.

This event proved another interesting take on turning the negatives of the subject matter the charity deals with, into something that anyone could engage with. Props to CLIC Sargent as well for making sure they had plenty of wigs available online and in their local shops to purchase, so getting involved was very straight forward.

Was it odd wearing a wig? Yes. Did I get some perspective on what it would be like to have to do that every day? To some extent, yes. I certainly know that I was not alone, which was comforting.

Looking at their reports since the event, clearly a popular one (perhaps something to do with a raft of celebrity endorsements), they have raised over £105,000. I certainly enjoyed looking like Cher for the day. Perhaps because no singing was required 🙂
Wig Wednesday


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