As I was spending a long weekend in Austria, my main challenge this week was to navigate my way around foreign charities. Did I manage it?? Did I ever.

  • Monday 13 May – I noted in week 14 that the 8 May was ovarian cancer awareness day. A cause close to my heart, I was prompted to sign up and distribute information for Ovarian Cancer Action.
  • Tuesday 14 May – Put spare change in a Macmillan tin.
  • Wednesday 15 May – Registered my interest for the Children’s Hospice South West firewalk.
  • Thursday 16 May – Agreed to attend TOFS children party on 8 November.
  • Friday 17 May – Back in week 4, I signed up to Hats for Headway day. Having been nicknamed ‘the mad hatter’ for my immense hat collection once upon a time, preparation was for this event was effortless.
  • Saturday 18 May – Put spare change in Travelcare donation pot at the airport.
  • Sunday 19 May – Put euros in a tin at ice cream parlour for spinal chord charity Wings for Life.

Feature: Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 May

Yes, I realise in hindsight I put a lot of spare change in tins this week. We were all thinking it!

That aside, for this week’s feature I would like to focus on the ‘abroad test’. Knowing I had a long weekend to Austria planned, visiting an old school friend, I asked her in advance if she had any idea of the charity landscape in Austria. “No not really”. Ah. “I may be hitting my first big ‘my charity case’ stumbling block” was the first thing that crossed my mind.

Obviously 5 months in and 20 something years of living in the UK, I’m pretty well versed on UK charities and how they operate to engage existing and potential donors in the UK. Abroad? Not so much. Good thing I like a challenge ay?!

What I found was that it wasn’t challenging at all! In fact the feature photo demonstrates a few good opportunities I was presented with to give small change to charities over the weekend, including in each airport and even on the airplane itself.

I am now very much looking forward to my ‘abroad test: part 2’ challenge, which will be at the end of October when I venture to Mexico for a family wedding. That said, ideas are always welcome, so if you know of any great Latin American charities please pop some details in the suggestion box.

* Don’t forget – next week I am abseiling down Battersea Power Station! I am bricking it and would appreciate all the support I can get. Donate here today! *


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