A varied week – lots of digital engagements from applying to be an e-mentor to tweeting George Osbourne. My favourite bit, and thus this weeks feature, was wearing it loud for local deaf charity the Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education.

  • Monday 6 May – Submitted an application to become a mentor for online social enterprise Horsemouth.
  • Tuesday 7 May – Signed up to Wear it Loud for the Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education and donated £2 (+ gift aid) as part of the campaign ask.
  • Wednesday 8 May – On the request of a fellow Cancer Research UK Ambassador, I voted for Pseudomyxoma Survivor in the Direct Debit run scheme ‘the Big Break’, more specifically in their ‘100 good causes’ campaign (more information about the scheme can be found here).
  • Thursday 9 May – As part of a big push for the IF campaign, those already involved were emailed and asked to tweet George Osbourne with: “What’s the #elephantintheroom at G7 talks, @George_Osborne? 1 in 5 global tax havens = British. I demand change. #IFcampaign #hunger Pls RT”.
  • Friday 10 May – Based on my sign up earlier in the week, today was the day to Wear it Loud! (More about this in the feature below.) So inspired, I also signed up to Wig Wednesday for CLIC Sargent
  • Saturday 11 May – Attended a training day in London as part of my Cancer Research UK Ambassador role.
  • Sunday 12 May – Baked a batch of brownies for Headway Devon’s Art Exhibition tour.

Feature – Wearing it Loud!

Let’s not beat around the bush – coming up with things to do for charity for a full year was never going to be easy. So, you can imagine how delighted I am when I am approached by people with suggestions of things to do, especially when those things are a) fun and b) can be easily weaved into everyday life. Kind of the point I’m trying to prove, i.e. you don’t have to run a marathon to make a difference (though props to you if you can!)

I was approached by an old colleague who now works at the Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education – a charity I knew of mainly because of passing it’s premises on an ad hoc basis. I had never been given a reason to get involved before, but when my friend suggested their ‘Wear it Loud’ campaign, my curiosity immediately spiked.

Getting in touch with the fundraising manager, it quickly became apparent that I could get involved just by wearing some bright clothes and donating a nominal amount of money (£2 was suggested) for taking part. Two tasks that would really take me no time at all to do.

As the office I work in is small, I made sure the first thing I did was get ‘papped’ before leaving the house and changed all my social media profile pictures to demonstrate my taking part, and tweeted about the event when possible. It was also a day where I had a few meetings set up, so I had the chance to talk about it when people, inevitably, asked why I was dressed up for a tropical holiday.

It really was a ‘no muss, no fuss’ way to engage with a local charity, that I thoroughly enjoyed and would certainly recommend to people to take part en masse in bigger office environments where there is the potential to maximise fundraising opportunities.

The Academy have done a short feature on some of the events of the day, check it out!


2 thoughts on “Week 14 – Wearing Tropical Dresses for Charity – surely that’s cheating?

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