I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long. Excuses are lame, so I won’t make any. If I say ‘life got in the way’ you are perfectly entitled to say ‘weak sauce’, so I shall just say this. I have continued actually completing the challenge and I am really excited to be back posting every week about it within a new improved blog format.

I’ll keep this brief with just a few points on some new features of the blog:

  1. I have reached 6 months of completing this challenge and have a range of events coming up in the final stint, including an abseil down Battersea Power Station and a 4 peaks challenge. I could do with all the encouragement possible, so please head over to the donation station and give to whichever challenge you think is more nuts!
  2. I must also say a big thank you for all your support so far. The comments and encouragement received have been fantastic and really kept me going. If you have suggestions for what I can do with the remaining days, please submit them in the suggestion box.
  3. You can also see updates of the activities I’m doing in real time through channels listed in the social side.

Only 166 days to go!!


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