This special feature is written by Amy Agnew, Head of Campaigns at charity Save the Children.

The Big IF London, 8 June, Hyde Park – see you there!

There is enough food for everyone, but 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry every night. With a child dying every 15 seconds from hunger, this is the silent scandal and injustice of our age.

The Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign – calling for action by the G8 to tackle world – reaches its climax in a matter of days.

This Saturday 8 June David Cameron is hosting a hunger summit in London, bringing together rich nations, poor nations, philanthropists and charities, to drive the big money commitments needed to make sure no one dies needlessly from hunger.

On the same day, tens of thousands of people will gather at a mass rally in Hyde Park in London to demand that their Prime Minister acts in their name and achieves the ambitious decisions that are absolutely necessary.

And on June 17th the PM hosts the G8 summit of powerful nations in Northern Ireland, where he has the opportunity to push these countries to act to clamp down on tax dodging by multinationals making profits in the poorest countries and depriving them of billions in tax that they urgently need to keep their people fed.

What you can do

Come to the Big IF London, 8 June, Hyde Park, London

Register your interest in attending an event that will have fun for all the family, appearances by Bill Gates, Rowan Williams and celebs Myleene Klass and Gethin Jones, and will help ensure that our generation is the one to end hunger.  It’s really important that you come! Bring all your friends and family. It promises to be an incredible day to remember. Whether you can make it or not, you should show your face at the event by making sure you’re on the big screens on the day! Share with everyone pleeeeaaaaase!

Volunteer for/attend the rally in Hyde Park on Saturday June 8th

You can help be part of this historic push forward by volunteering for the event, helping to build a spectacular art installation that will cover an area the size of a football field. Help us build a breath-taking bowl of a quarter of a million flowers, whose two million petals represent the children whose lives could be saved if the world acts.

Sign the petition to the Prime Minister now

It’s still not too late to sign the online petition to the PM urging him to act. Sign here. www.savethechildren.org.uk/if

By signing up now, you’ll receive further campaign emails to make sure you have the opportunity to keep pushing David Cameron right up to the G8 summit, and beyond.

Pass on the campaign to your friends

There are loads of things you can share that will inspire your friends and family to get involved. Top of my list is this incredible film that will make your spine go all tingly! And there’s this silly game where you have to catch the G8 leaders and make them talk about hunger, which I completed in a mind-boggling 8 seconds – can you?

Thank you. These moments to achieve a great leap forward in saving children’s lives are so incredibly rare. Just one sign up to an email campaign from you will make a massive difference.


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