One thing I want to do as part of this charity challenge is buy a Big Issue. I’m pretty ashamed I haven’t already to be honest. I thought my birthday would be a good day to do it, as I’d be spending all day in town and imagined I’d come across at least one Big Issue seller. Wrong! Read below to see what I did instead (don’t worry, it involves cake).

  • Monday 15 April – I signed up for ‘Come Dine With Me’ challenge for Independent Age. See feature for more details.
  • Tuesday 16 April – When on my walk home, I saw a company use the grassy area beside the building as their redevelopment dumping ground (instead of a skip) I decided to see if a charity could help me take some action. I got in contact with Keep Britain Tidy to see if they could help. In the process, I also signed up to help either join in or organise a Big Tidy Up.
  • Wednesday 17 April – As it was my birthday, my original plan was to buy a Big Issue, as I’d be out and about in town and thought I would be likely to come across someone selling one. Sods law, today was the one day I couldn’t find anyone, so decided to buy cake and distribute it to any homeless people I saw on the streets instead.
  • Thursday 18 April – I was encouraged to visit the Royal National Lifeboat Institute online shop. Following them on Twitter made me eligible for a 10% discount, so I thought I’d have a look and make a small purchase.
  • Friday 19 April – I met up with the South West volunteer coordinator for Save the Children to see what I can do to help. Also signed the IF campaign petition.
  • Saturday 20 April – I decided to contact the Cystic Fibrosis Trust after reading about their rebrand in Marketing Week. One of the reasons for the rebrand was to help raise awareness, so I thought I’d check it out and see if there’s anything going on locally that I can get involved in.
  • Sunday 21 April – In London for the day, and I tried SO HARD to find any charities being advertised in Charing Cross tube station. Eventually spotted the Red Shoe Walk for the Red Cross, and Children With Cancer UK’s Bake Club. As I’m out of the country for the former, and can’t pass up the opportunity to bake, I signed up for the latter.

Feature: Monday 15 April

Feeling like I’ve done lots for the charities that tend to get a fair bit of support naturally (animals, children and cancer), I decided to research doing something to help older people instead.

As I’ve already done something for Age UK, and that being the better known charity dealing with this cause, I sought to find one I’d personally never heard of to see what was what, and where I could help.

It just so happens that charity, Independent Age, not only are a leading charity, providing a range of services to help alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness experienced by many older people; but they have been doing this for 150 years.

To celebrate 150 years of doing what they do, they are encouraging people to take part in their Challenge 150 activities. They have quite a menu of activities to take part in, from skydiving to a Santa Fun run. I obviously had to go for the food related activity (of course!) So I have now signed up to host a Come Dine With Me series to help raise money for Independent Age.

What will you do?


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