This week entails me signing up for both a regular gift with one charity, and regular volunteering with another. What is it about these charities that has made me want to do more? See feature below.

  • Monday 25 March – Put spare change in the tin at The Co-operative for their charity of the year – The Carers Trust.
    I also had a follow-up call from the RSPCA (based on a text I sent them following an advertising campaign), and signed up for a small regular gift. More about this in the feature piece below.
  • Tuesday 26 March – Wrote out a questionnaire for Marie Curie volunteers to improve how we run collections in the future, ready to send out to volunteers once a final total was established.
  • Wednesday 27 March – Donated 3 tins of sweetcorn to the Food Bank box in The Co-operative.
  • Thursday 28 March – Off the back of Wednesday’s efforts, I have sent a form in to be a volunteer at the Exeter Food Bank. More about this in feature piece below.
  • Friday 29 March – Signed up to volunteer at the NSPCC Devon Hack.
  • Saturday 30 March – Sent a thank you email to Marie Curie Daffodil Collection volunteers. Part of the email was to see if anyone would like to become a part of the Exeter fundraising team. If you are local to Exeter, and would consider joining a local fundraising team, then please contact me on: ashley@mycharitycase.org.uk
    I also sponsored another member of the Marie Curie team for their Swimathon challenge.
  • Sunday 31 March – Gave a one off donation to WaterAid. This was based on receiving a direct marketing pack within a free magazine, through the post.

Feature: Monday and Thursday – the emotional attachment to giving, both time and money

Looking back at what I did this week, two occasions stood out. The ones that made me choose to give more, both time and money. In hindsight, they are charities and causes that I feel strongly about, so when presented with the opportunity to do more to help them, it was a no brainer.

For the financial donation, I was already half persuaded to give to the RSPCA because of this little (ok large) guy:

RSPCA - Joey

If it were any other charity, then I likely would have done a one off donation. But because I have grown up hearing about the RSPCA and the important work they do to prevent cruelty towards animals, it was a natural step for me, now as a pet owner, to want to regularly contribute towards their work. Having a pet has meant I understand, on a much more personal level, the importance of the work of an animal charity.

Now to explore my signing up as a regular volunteer with the Exeter Food Bank. I have been a part of the Exeter community for the best part of a decade, first as a student, and subsequently as a young professional. It is a city that gives off the impression that it’s currently growing and developing at an impressive rate. So I was, perhaps quite naively, shocked when I saw the local Food Bank box set up in the Coop. There was a sign encouraging people to donate certain items when they went round doing their own shop.

It suddenly hit me that people in this community are struggling to afford to buy food. That shock, and the loyalty I feel to a city and community that have always been good to me, meant that I was immediately compelled to look at ways I could help further. They had pamphlets to take away, so I was able to easily fill out a form to register my interest in volunteering.

I will seek to further explore the topic of strong emotional ties associated with any of us doing…well, anything! Leading with emotions is how many individuals get involved with charity work. I’m hoping my blog will inspire you (lovely reader) to get involved in doing something for charity. My theory is, it may as well be something you’d enjoy! So tap into your passions, and drop me a message on the My Charity Case Facebook page, and I’ll see what volunteering I can match you up with.


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