From how local business can genuinely help local charities prosper, to quizzes, to brownies – who said this challenge couldn’t be fun (and that I wouldn’t put on half a stone in the process?!)


A picture of my wedding cake table – a small indication of how much I love cake and a large indication of how happy I am that I got to eat some cake and feel I did some good for charity too!

  • Monday 18 February – Made an enquiry into the Business Connectors Programme, run by the organisation Business in the Community. Read more about this in the feature below.
  • Tuesday 19 February – Coordinated getting the fundraising materials back from the Treasurer of the Marie Curie group and confirmed the final amount that was raised (well over £800).
  • Wednesday 20 February – Sorted the Marie Curie collection materials post Sainsbury’s, ready for the Tesco one on the 6 March.
  • Thursday 21 February – Got a group together for the annual Best Pub Charity Quiz raising money for local charity The WESC Foundation (specialist centre for visual impairment).
  • Friday 22 February – Today, no word of a lie, I ate a brownie for charity. No, I’m not kidding. Perhaps this photo will give a bit more context:
    At the East Devon Business Centre I spotted these two boxes with a choice of edible goods. I had a seriously tough time deciding, firstly what I wanted to eat, and secondly which charity I wanted to donate money to. I ended up going for the brownie out of the Parkinson’s UK charity box. I know less about them as a charity and wanted to use it as an opportunity to find out more. Plus, I mean brownies, come on. No contest.

    Why not insert a ‘tuck box’ in your workplace and raise money for charity? See more on the Parkinson’s UK website. It’s also Parkinson’s awareness week, right now!

  • Saturday 23 February – After having sampled the tasty delights offered by the Angel’s tea room in Torquay, when paying, I gave all my spare change to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) pot. (I too am now seriously worrying about my wallet and waistline whilst completing this project!)
  • Sunday 24 February – Read up on the next campaign phase of the Cancer Research UK ambassador work (not eating cake this time).

Feature: Monday 18 February

It was a busy London work day, so I had not planned anything substantial. In hindsight, I should have spoken to a couple of people with buckets stood outside High Street Kensington tube station, and given them my spare change. Alas, I didn’t, and it has given me motivation to seize opportunities as and when they arise so I don’t kick myself again! Some days, I will go with what ‘hits me in the face first’ as it were (hopefully not literally). Hit ‘Follow’ to keep up to date on how successful charities are at using the various marketing avenues available in this day and age.

So back to what I actually did achieve today! Having missed this opportunity, luckily another one arose, when I was contacted by an Exeter based business man who is currently fulfilling a role on behalf of ‘Business in the Community’. His task is to facilitate ‘The Business Connectors Programme’, which aims ‘to increase the positive impact of business in local communities by harnessing expertise from business to tackle local needs’.

I am going to see if there are any local charities that I can help through this scheme. This will be on going, and I hope will help me identify charities that are in need in the local area.


One thought on “Week 3. Consuming cake for charity. Sweet.

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