The mind boggles slightly for mere mortals like me when trying to do everything required when getting to the top of the Google ranks, but it can definitely pay off. This week’s feature looks at what happened when I Googled ‘charity’.

  • Monday 11 February – Met with the Area Volunteer Manager for Cancer Research UK and a members of the Devon fire service at the fire station HQ. I was asked to advise on and assist with promoting the 2013 Dartmoor Cycle Challenge.
  • Tuesday 12 February – With my Cancer Research UK Ambassador hat on, I promoted the ‘Setting the Standard’ campaign – encouraging friends and family to write to their MP’s and posting links on social media.
  • Wednesday 13 February – Did I say one thing a day? Not today!!

–          Finalised everything for the first set of Marie Curie Daffodil Collections.
–          Sent short press releases to local papers about the latest action being taken by the Cancer Research UK team in my role as Ambassador.
–          Researched dates for the Dartmoor Cycle Challenge off the back of the meeting I had on Monday.
Yes, I know, I should have saved some for tomorrow / get a life, but where would be the fun in that??

  • Thursday 14 February – Made an early trip to Sainsbury’s to drop off the Marie Curie collection materials, which I thought was my job done for the day. However, a minor miscommunication meant I had to tail it down there  after work to take all the stuff off a volunteer and back to mine for overnight.
  • Friday 15 February – Dropped off of the Marie Curie collection materials at Sainsbury’s for day two of collecting.
    I’m delighted to report that through these first two collection days we made just over £813. That’s enough for roughly 41 hours of nursing time in a patient’s home. Just to give you an idea of stats, in Devon alone during 2011 – 2012, Marie Curie provided 62,594 hours of nursing care to 1,101 patients, thanks to the hard work of 105 nurses in the area.
  • Saturday 16 February – I acted as something of a referral service when meeting with an old friend for afternoon tea. They mentioned they had been trying to sign up for doing an hour of collecting for Marie Curie, so I sent them the web link to get them signed up.
  • Sunday 17 February – Donated to Unicef on line. See feature piece below.

Feature: Sunday 17 February

Conscious this is starting to look like a blog for just Marie Curie, I wanted to do something different. Also, as I was in London for the weekend, my schedule demanded I do something a bit alternative.

In the morning, I enjoyed a lovely brunch with some old school friends in Clapham. In the afternoon (only slightly out of desperation), I Googled the word ‘charity’ to see what would come up. The first link was Unicef.

Obviously I had heard of them, but when it came to knowing in depth what they’re about, I had to take a second look. I learnt that they are the ‘world’s leading organisation working for children and child rights’, and their aim is to ‘help every child reach their full potential’.

I decided after reading their ‘About Us’ page that I would donate the exact amount I spent on my nice brunch with friends to Unicef, in the hope it buys more than a stack of pancakes and a cup of juice!

Can you help?

There are two campaigns that Unicef are running at the moment:

  • The IF campaign, which has the strapline “let’s make 2013 the beginning of the end for child hunger”. Why don’t you sign the ‘Enough Food for Everyone’ (IF) campaign and help Unicef get one step closer to changing the future for millions of people who live with the day to day struggle against hunger.
  • The Syria children’s appeal, where they are asking specifically for donations to aid their work ‘on the ground and neighbouring countries to provide clean water, clothing and medical care for children’.

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